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Evolved Studio’s content editor and analyzer shows how your language is influencing the diversity of your hires. Use its recommendations to broaden your appeal and build a more diverse, resilient team.

Avoid Exclusions

Evolved Studio’s exclusions analyzer matches your content across a repository of common words and phrases with racist, misogynistic, ableist, culturally appropriated, and other harmful origins that may unintentionally dissuade people from applying.
The term "cakewalk" derives from a form of pre-civil war entertainment for plantation slave owners. Owners would host and judge a dance competition participated in by their slaves. Slaves would dance in mimicry of their white slave owners. Judges selected the best dancers, who were awarded a decorated cake.

Sentiment and Emotions

With Evolved Studio you know your posting is as positive as you think it is. Its simple, intuitive sentiment analysis displays the overall sentiment, emotions, and strongly-connotated keywords in your posting. Evolved Studio’s sentiment analysis is built on the IBM Watson® AI. IBM has publicly stated its support and research towards preventing bias in artificial intelligence.

Gendered Language Influence

Evolved Studio searches your posting for language that could have a hidden gender-based impact on its appeal. Its suggestions come from Evolved Studio’s proprietary Neural Network-based AI (playfully named “Gena”). Gena is based on analysis of over 3 million job postings and was developed specifically to detect gendered language.
Example "A posting that contains 'self-driven' may imply seeking a person who places individual results over group achievement or team collaboration. Also, words containing 'driven' may have a significant masculine influence on the applicant pool. Less women and possibly more men are likely to apply to a job posting with this word."

Language Accessibility

People who use screen readers, have reading disabilities, or don’t speak English as their first language (and many others) may be put off by overly complicated language. And they also may be perfectly qualified for the job. Don’t lose them to a competitor. Evolved Studio searches for language that exceeds recommendations from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Federal Plain Language Initiative, and others to help ensure your content is reaching every qualified applicant.
Example "You will work closely with the rest of the Evolved Inclusion team, connecting customers directly with other departments to ensure their needs are being communicated and met" This sentence is overly complicated and exceeds the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for sentence complexity. Consider breaking this sentence apart.

Compare and Analyze

At a glance, understand key differences in postings across departments, teams, or functions. Evolved lets you quickly filter down your analyzed documents and see aggregate statistics about the filtered set.
Aggregate statistics of job postings filtered to 'marketing'

Stay Organized

Store all your job postings safely in Evolved’s secure cloud storage and never lose a job posting again. Your documents are encrypted, searchable, and always at your fingertips.
Documents and folders in Evolved Inclusion's secure cloud document storage

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