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Evolved Studio is a content editor and analyzer that shows how your language is influencing the diversity of your hires. Use it to build a better team, faster.
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Build the best team, faster.

Time to hire and team diversity are critical predictors of success. But even a single word can profoundly impact posting appeal to readers of different genders and backgrounds.
Evolved Studio’s Gender and Language Accessibility analyzers will show you where a posting’s content may be turning qualified people away.
Evolved Studio screen shot of gender findings

Say what you mean. To everyone.

Most people prefer simple, easy to understand content. And they prefer content that makes them feel good.
Evolved Studio shows where to simplify language so you get your point across. It analyzes your posting’s sentiment so you know it reads as positive as you are.

Connect your pipeline to your values.

Great job postings shine a light on company beliefs and values. But alongside them, everyday language can also hide unintended racism, misogyny, ableism, and cultural appropriation.
Evolved Studio searches for common words and phrases with unexpected connotations or origins in hate and bigotry. With Evolved Studio, you can chart a course that exemplifies your company’s values, without worrying that your content says the opposite.
Word cloud of words from job postings with colored path drawn through them

"I found Evolved Studio to be a very useful tool for my job postings. It’s sophisticated but interactive and easy to use."

Jason Cowley
Jason Cowley
Chief Technology Officer • Poached Jobs

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